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Meet Lashondra

👋🏽👩🏽✝💗 (Hey Woman After God's Heart!)

After working the last several years with multi-talented women entrepreneurs after God's heart with diverse needs and styles, I have identified what women entrepreneurs want most. So I'm excited to present my new service menu!

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My official title is Chief Collaborative Partner for Systems and Processes. This means I am adept and skilled at quickly developing processes for business systems. For the last several years, I have specialized in one thing, and that is helping business owners EXECUTE their vision with excellence. With a 98% success rating, I enjoy:

  1. Helping YOU follow through on what you hear God speak and
  2. Helping YOU meet your administrative and operational goals

To do this, I utilize my God-given gifts of administration, leadership, and exhortation alongside the technical, administrative, and analytical skills I have developed as a Speech-Language Pathologist and program graduate with an entry level certificate in software development.

Be sure to check out my services page to learn how I can serve YOU with joy and excellence.

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